Although my article focuses on sexual relationships, the principles mostly apply to any interpersonal relationship. What were your thoughts on my thoughts about what can contribute to better relationships? What would you accept as valid and what would you reject for whatever reason? What would you add that I missed? Would sexual orientation (gay/straight/bi) make a difference in my thoughts or yours on what I wrote? What kind of impact do you think AIDS and the STDs have had on your generation or people in general and how they approach relationships today? What do you think your generation has lost and what has it gained, compared to older generations? Has the possibility of unintended pregnancies had the same kind of impact? What else can contribute to or detract from establishing healthy relationships?

Read the second article, Joan Lambert’s “Legacy of Pleasure,” prior to viewing the monkey video in the following assignment. What were your thoughts on her analysis? How has sex evolved to make humans more human and more civilized? Keep her points in mind as you watch the monkey video.

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