(1) Preparing a power point Review of 400 word for each 8 chapters (Forrester, shadow of Justice)

Assignment (1)Preparing a power poit review of 400 words  for each 8 chapter on “IN THE SHADOW OF JUSTICE” by Katrina Forresteri have uploaded the book for you in pdf,If you can do the chapter 5 as soon as possible because my studies in class will require me to to have it ready. the rest can be submitted in 2 week to 3 weeks time(2) AssignmentPrepare a discussion paper on a chapter of Rawls’s book A Theory of Justice. Work with the assigned student to complete your paper.–This will take place on 3rd November, 2020 from 10 am.30 % of your overall mark–Critically engage with Rawl’s bookEvaluate your chapter in a similar manner as the blog but write more formally, and be prepared to include approx 5 – 6 references from your reading.–No more than 1000 words–You will be asked to speak to the class about the chapter you have prepared, and be able to offer them a comprehensive understanding of the chapter.–Be prepared collectively, following each presentation, to conduct a student lead conversation for 20 minutes on the content of the book, evaluating its value and contribution to our understanding of social justice.–Submit your paper via the Turnitin link by 5 pm prior to the Residential Day & circulate to class.Structure of Assignment:(this is an approximate outline but you are free to adopt your own to meet the rubric).•200 words – Introduction and overview of chapter•200 words – discuss key ideas, and themes in the chapter•200 words – develop your analysis around one or two points central to the chapter•200 words – relationship of chapter to the rest of the work•200 words – your view of the chapter and work•Footnotes/bibliography

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