1. Review the case Informed Consent in Louisiana – Lugenbuhl v. Dowling

1. Review the case Informed Consent in Louisiana – Lugenbuhl v. Dowling.2. First, identify the elements of the legal citation- plaintiff, defendant, court, location of case etc.3. Explain the meaning and importance of the doctrine of informed consent.4. Discuss why we have this doctrine and what would happen if we did not.5. Discuss the two elements that must be present for informed consent to exist under the law.6. In a legal case of negligence and liability explain why the basis for negligence may be battery, unconsented touching, or breach of a duty imposed on the doctor to disclose material information.7. Explain the elements that must be present for a patient to give informed consent.1. Limit your responses to a maximum of four pages, not including title and reference list pages.2. Be sure to utilize at least 3-4 scholarly references to support your discussions.3. Be sure to properly cite your references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end.4. Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the write-up of your assignment, especially numbers 3, 4, and 5 above.Use APA format, 12 PT, Double-spacedI will provide the references

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