Quantitative research is measured from a secure and controlled environment that allows the researcher to eliminate bias and error based on statistical analysis of the content being examined. Qualitative research is measured based on an specific experience by using observations and opinions (Houser, 2018). Ways that help me to understand how each is different: Quantitative- Research is objective, controlled, uses statistical information, only one correct answer. Qualitative: Multiple views are possible, all views can be correct, involves bias.

A research design is a comprehensive concept or synopsis that details all crucial factors of research. Quantitative design can help study nursing problems by gathering statistical information from audits or surveys being conducted to help come to a conclusion on why something has happened. This type of design can be used to study pertinent nursing problems by taking statistical analysis from information gathered about a certain practice problem and come to one conclusion on why that problem is or was occurring (Research Guides). Some examples of this that we have ongoing at my current facility are: Ventilator associated pneumonia, catheter associated infections, falls, and hospital acquired bedsores.

I believe the article on Delirium from the week three discussion to be a Qualitative Research Design. I came to this conclusion based on the fact that the study was based on the views of nurses that had taken care of a patient with delirium. Each nurse gave their opinions based on the amount of experience they had with these types of clients. This design supported the purpose or intent of the study by addressing the common factors on why nurses did not recognize the early symptoms experienced by their patients in order to manage delirium (Baker, Taggart, Nivens, and Tillman, 2015). This study also involved convenience sampling and was based on the experiences of nurses working in the same hospital.


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