150 words due Thursday

ReviewReview this week’s readings, links to videos, learning media, audio or downloadable docs.RespondWriting an introduction is one of the most difficult parts of writing a speech. Engaging the audience, without resorting to gimmicks or shock techniques, is quite difficult to do.1. Search through speeches on YouTube with the intent of finding one with an effective introduction. Once you have found an effective introduction, analyze it, seeking out how the speaker managed to effectively capture the audience’s attention.Share the video with your peers:Provide the URL for the speech.Give a short background including the name of the speaker and the occasion.2. Reflect on strategies that you could adopt in your own speaking practice.What qualities did you observe in the speaker’s introduction that you could use in your own speech?Explain what the speaker did effectively in the introduction.Give at least five specific examples of concepts and techniques that the speaker used, and refer to the concepts and techniques mentioned in the reading for this week.

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