150 words due tonight in 3 hours

Please complete the following items based on your hypothetical speech:1. Speech Topic:Who is your audience for this speech?What is the specific purpose of your speech?In choosing your specific purpose, how will you narrow the topic so that it will be appropriate to this audience?2. Demographic audience analysis:What special adaptation is necessary in the speech because of the audience’s:AgeGenderReligionRacial or ethnic backgroundGroup membershipOther (interests, political background, etc)3. Situational audience analysis:What special adaptation is necessary in the speech because of the audience’s:SizeResponse to the physical settingKnowledge about the topicInterest level in the topicAttitude toward the topicDisposition toward the speakerDisposition toward the occasion4. What device(s) will you use in the introduction to gain your audience’s attention and interest?5. What steps will you take in the introduction to relate the topic directly to your audience?6. What are the main points of the speech?7. Why do you plan to develop these particular main points for this audience?8. Why have you selected the supporting materials that you plan to use for this audience?9. What steps have you taken to make your language clear and appropriate for this audience?10. What adjustments will you make in delivery (rate of speech, volume, tone of voice, gestures, and the like) to communicate your ideas to this audience?

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