(2-3) minute video presentation, based on your personal or academic interests

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You will be required to submit a two to three (2-3) minute video presentation, based on your personal or academic interests, of any of the topics discussed in the textbook.

Video Presentation Instructions

-You must sign up for your preferred topic on the class forum (wiki)

-Select a topic that interests you regarding Global Psychology

(for example: Cultural differences in childrearing, Individualistic vs Collectivistic societies, Role of religion in daily experiences, Adolescents in diverse cultures, body image, alternative perspectives, cultural attitudes towards health and illness, mental health).

Rubric Components

Point Scale









Subject (10 pts)

• is interesting

• is educational

• is relevant to audience

• provides insight into topic

• is discussed thoroughly

• is entertaining

Content (10 pts)

• Presents interesting information

• Language is used properly and effectively

• Images and/ or graphics relate well to content

• Student(s) behave professionally on camera

• Student(s) demonstrate thoughtful approach to subject

Technical Aspects (10 pts)

• Camera is stable, smooth movements and pans

• Subject is framed well, images are well composed

• Subject is lit and clearly visible

• Sound is clear and understandable

• Video is edited effectively, flows well

• Titles are used effectively

• Transitions are used effectively

• Project was completed in a timely manner

-Your video must have a clear outline and goal
-Your video should be between 2-3 minutes and must not exceed 3 minutes
-Must list 2 academic sources
-Be creative

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