2 peer review of the 2 attached PowerPoint 1200 words. due 5/2/21

Provide a peer review (600 words for each peer review total of 1200 words for both) of the two attached PowerPoint based on the questions below. There should be two separate peer review on to different word documents for each individual PowerPoint. Must use at least 3 reference per peer review.1.200 words —- In your reviews ( the two attached PowerPoint ) please provide in-depth critical thinking, constructive comments and professional knowledge application from the perspective of a knowledgeable professional as stated above- [This is what I will be looking for!]-You are required to address all points below:· What is your understanding of the author’s policy proposal, purpose or intent?· What information is missing or needed to further understand the issue?· Was there any bias or assumptions apparent that have an effect on the topic being presented?· What are the possible positive and/or negative outcomes of recommendations that the author did not consider?· In what way[s] were the resources used in persuasion?· How does YOUR position and / or arguments on the topic differ from the authors perspective?2.200 words— a. Discuss how the topic may or may not be appropriate for the current health care arenab. How well the author proved this point? **3.200 words—What was your impression of the affects this policy would have on the selected population and [their] healthcare?      b. Was the focus of the analysis appropriate in your opinion,- why or why not?-

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