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PrerequisitesFor this discussion, you will first need to read Sensation and Perception, Chapter 1, and watch the accompanying lecture video on that chapter.Posting InstructionsYour post to this discussion forum should first define what sensation and perception are. That is, do not simply put the textbook’s definition as your answer. You need put the definition into your own words.Second, discuss the difference between the two concepts and make sure you use examples to illustrate your point. You must come up with your own examples and may not use those covered in lecture or in the textbook.To Receive Full CreditYour post should by no less than 200 words and no more than 500.Be concise, use proper sentence structure, grammar, etc.Discussion RubricMinimum length reached without using “fluff words” (2)Provides accurate definitions in own words of the two concepts (2)Differentiates between the two concepts using clear examples (4)Proper sentence structure and grammar (2)

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