500 Years of Chicano History

  • MLA format
  • Two pages minimum (sources cited page in the back)
  • CITE YOUR SOURCES (sources cited page) – textbook is NOT a source
  • answer all six questions in the essay, you need to cite at least 2 source at the last page
  • What was Manifest Destiny? How is it still in effect? Please explain.
  • What is the difference between Latinos and Hispanics?
  • In your opinion, was La Malinche a traitor or a hero?
  • Who was Tecun Uman?
  • What was the purpose of the Bracero Program? Why did it fail?
  • Describe U.S. intervention in Latin America.
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English Critical Thinking

Creative Research Proposal:

  1. At the start of your proposal, explain what your final Creative Research topic is (you can’t change the topic. You should choose something you are really interested in so that you can develop your research over the time period needed). Then write one (or possibly two or three) Critical Questions on your chosen topic.
  2. Write a paragraph explaining what draws you to the topic. What makes you curious? What do you love about this topic? What might you expect to find out? What do you know about your topic? What would you like to know? As you plan your project, consider how your questions will require you to participate in critical thinking–analysis, synthesis, evaluation.
  3. Report on what you have read so far, both traditional and online. You can include reading that you’ve done in the past.
  4. Report on what you plan to do–who you might interview, what you might observe, what you might do for participation, what you might create.
  5. Tip: Start making a works cited right now and develop a system to keep track of which source you found what information from.
  6. Questions or concerns? Include these in your proposal.
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I’m looking for someone who does not use Chegg or Coursehero or any online cites to provide your answers.

The professor checks these other sites as well. If do use these sites to provide your answers and don’t use your own, let me know immediately so I can choose someone else to assist me. I have been notified that an assignment was linked to chegg or coursehero ect,

I’m looking for some one that can certify the below statements.

Statement of Academic Integrity:

  1. I prepared this document specifically for this class;
  2. I am the author of this document;
  3. I am fully disclosing and giving proper credit to any outside assistance received in its preparation;
  4. I cited sources of information (e.g., data, ideas, charts, etc.) and used this material to support this document.
  5. I did not receive any assistance / help / guidance from others.
  6. I guaranteed no plagiarism.
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Human Reproduction PowerPoint Presentation


Well, it is that time—yes, time for that talk. For this activity, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation about human reproduction. You are to pretend that the presentation is what you will use to give your son or daughter “the talk” about human reproduction. Make sure you use correct terminology. If you have never created a PowerPoint presentation, make sure you view the CSU Success Center videos suggested in the unit learning activity.

Your presentation must include the following:

  • overall purpose of the reproductive systems
    • information about the male and female systems including:
    • at least two visual aids illustrating the two systems, and
  • structure and function of the major organs of both male and females systems;methods of practicing “safe sex” and preventing pregnancy; and
  • STDs.

Be sure to follow the formatting guidelines provided below:

  • Use bulleted information on slides (5 lines or less).
  • Include details in the speaker’s notes.
  • Include a separate title slide and a separate reference slide.
  • Use appropriate font and backgrounds.
  • Include at least nine slides, but not more than 15 slides (not counting your title slide or reference slide).
  • Use correct APA format for references and citations, and use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Upload the presentation as a .ppt or .pptx file.
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You are a human services worker meeting with 16-year-old, Kathy who is seven months pregnant. You are trying to educate Kathy on the benefits of attending a series of childbirth and baby care classes that you have arranged for her to take. Baby Audrey will be born in approximately eight weeks, and Kathy has attended only half of one session, which comprised one and a half of the 18 hours of required class time. After you meet with Kathy, she still refuses to attend the classes, so you decide to provide her with a pamphlet that will provide education on pregnancy self-care and newborn care essentials.

Create a pamphlet that you will give to Kathy and other young mothers in similar circumstances, describing information from this week’s textbook readings and other sources that will help mothers through the prenatal stage and facilitate proper knowledge of, and attention to, their care and safety and those of the newborn babies.

Discuss and cite the course textbook and at least one additional credible source to support the knowledge and recommendations in the pamphlet. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find this credible source(s). This working draft of the pamphlet should be 2-3 pages in length with document and citation formatting per CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

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After reading chapters 6 & 7 from Families in a Global Context and watching the video below answer the following questions. The video is


Readings are: Read chapter 6, Family, Italian-Style and chapter 7, Family Patterns in Sierra Leone, from textbook Hennon, C. B., & Wilson, S. M. (Eds.). (2008). Families in a global context. New York: Routledge.

  1. Discuss families and aging issues in Italy.
  2. Tell me some of the things you learned about Sierra Leone that you had not known.
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Human resource management plays an important role in any successful business. This assignment focuses on the key functions of human resource management. Your presentation must include a description of each key function in your own words. Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides.

A template has been provided to get you started. Your task is to complete this presentation by inserting the remaining elements. As you navigate from one slide to the next, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Once you finish, save all of your work to the template, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

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The RIP assignment has two parts: project and essay.

1. Project: You will craft a text having selected a purpose and audience that addresses the class theme (or responds to one of the class texts). You will then select an appropriate genre for this project, and demonstrate your rhetorical know-how by selecting appropriate rhetorical choices for this situation.

BTW, the class theme is feminism and gender-related issues.

A book review of a recent book dealing with gender.

The Book I chose is Jane Eyre.

2. Essay: In the RIP Essay, your job is to write a paper, aimed at an academic audience, with two separate goals:

To persuade your audience of a message — a version of the same message you are trying to persuade in your RIP Project, but you’ll convey it differently, because this is an academic essay. This part of the essay should use the book/film you’re discussing as primary source evidence, and should include rhetorical analysis of that source, which is analyzing the relationship between rhetoric, writer, and audiences. The “message” of your RIP project will become the main claim (thesis) of this part of your RIP essay.

To explain to your audience why you created your RIP Project, and what rhetorical choices you made in order to communicate your message within the genre of your project. This part of the text should draw on the model texts (you’ll find several models of your chosen genre, from which you’ll find and emulate genre conventions) as secondary sources. (I will post links below) Here, you will treat your RIP Project as your primary source. Your main claim (thesis) will be something like, “this genre offers me an effective way to convey my message to my audience because…”

The RIP essay should be between 500-800 words long. A minimum of three (3) sources must be cited in the essay, that demonstrate your understanding of your chosen genre and your understanding of the texts/ideas you’ve studied throughout the quarter.

Links of model links you can probably use as your secondary sources.

https://lareviewofbooks.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://www.nyrb.com/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://www.lrb.co.uk/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://themillions.com/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(Also a great place to find a book to review)

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Please read the attached article and write a Referee Report:

The report is due before each presentation. The report should be less than two pages (single space, 12 fonts size, Times New Roman, Normal margin). In the report, you should include the following sections:

• Background and motivation (2 point)

• Research question (2 points)

• Data and study design (2 points)

• Findings and policy implication (2 points)

• Your comments and critiques (2 points)

Use your own understanding to write the report, copy and paste is not allowed.

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*Please see the attachment and complete the portfolio paper strictly by the provided instructions. I have selected the Supreme court case that the assignment should be written on and the topic. The link below will take you to the case.

Link to Case chosen: https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/16-1454.html


Topic: Monetary Transaction

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