Paper Assignment

There is no required length of this paper, however, it must be comprehensive and fulfill the above requirements.

  1. Choose one of the topics below to write about:
    • Few people could live together and not have laws. Why? Consider the concept of pluralism. Does pluralism have any negative aspects? Why have some fought so hard against the concept in the United States? Consider present examples and discussion surrounding the idea of pluralism and how this may or may not be connected to the current discussion on immigration.
    • Could a country such as the United States function without a federal constitution? Would it be possible for each state to merely abide by its own constitution? Why shouldn’t the US Constitution include an overall criminal code specifying crimes and punishments that could apply [universally] throughout the US? Can you think of current tensions between states’ rights and the federal government (e.g., gun laws, physician assisted suicide, legalization of marijuana, etc.) Discuss.
    • Should any one court be given the final say? Why or why not? Is there a negative side to appointment for life on the Court? Does this and the inability to lessen a justice’s salary really prevent influencing a Supreme Court justice? Do you think that the Supreme Court is a de facto lawmaker? What about split decisions? Considering many Supreme Court decisions are decided 5 to 4, is it reasonable to have the law of the land determined by 5 people?
    • As discussed previously, can you think of current tensions between states’ rights and the federal government? Discuss. Do you believe that this influences your daily life? Imagine a system in which the federal government determined all laws across the land. One in which there was no local or state-level jurisdiction fluctuation. What would it look like?
    • Explain at what point a person is considered “under arrest.” Explain the difference between a stop and an arrest. Why might states authorize probable cause arrests for certain unwitnessed misdemeanors? How much force can be used by an officer when executing an arrest? How is it determined? Can you think of any times when you heard about “excessive use of force” and if so, how do you think the actions of a few influenced the perceptions of many regarding the police?
    • Considering the USA Patriot Act, do you think Americans could ever sacrifice too many rights in exchange for national security? What does the Patriot Act allow the government to do that might give you pause concerning your privacy? Do you believe that most people know what is in the Patriot Act concerning their individual liberties? If you decided to protest the government anyway, do you think some of these concerns over the Patriot Act’s reach could impact you?
  2. Grading will be tied to comprehension, depth, source reliance, APA, grammar, spelling, completeness and scope.
  3. In crafting your answer, you will provide concepts and ideas culled from the text. You should define your terms.
  4. Cite using APA format.
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For this assignment, you will be provided with two assignment choices. You will select the one that you prefer, and complete the tasks listed for that choice. View this instructional video, then download the SCI201 Worksheet and complete the tasks associated with your assignment choice.

I will upload all info needed.

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I. Abstract: Summarize the story of profitability and liquidity for your company. In other words, highlight the most important aspects of your report, including your major conclusions. II. Computations: Identify and describe your computations from the Financial Analysis tab of your workbook. Be sure to format your key results in a table or graphical format, as appropriate. Explain why each cited figure was included in your report in terms of its importance for the organization. III. Comparison: Evaluate the financials of the company by comparing current ratios to both historical and industry-average ratios. Clearly identify all unexpected or aberrant figures. IV. Conclusion: Draw informed conclusions based on your computations and comparisons in the previous paragraphs. Be sure to justify your claims with specific evidence and examples.

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Hi there,

The assigment is reeding the articul and answering quiston about it. There are two attached files

One of them is the quistion and instruction for doing the assignment. The other is the management focus “ protecting US magnesium “ page 199 from this course book “article

Must answer all quistion in an essay.

No plagiarism.

More than 900 words.

Must write references in APA style.

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General Instructions

Topics: (1) Environmental Economics and Policy; (2) Human Populations.


Assignment Submitted


Describe the primary differences between subsistence, capitalistic, and centrally planned economies. Explain how capitalistic and centrally planned economic societies tend to have greater effects on the environment than subsistence economies.


Define renewable and nonrenewable resources in your own words. Give two examples of each in your answer.


Describe the main differences between a cap and trade approach, and a carbon tax as methods to decrease industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.


List the seven steps of the environmental policy process in order. Among the steps, where would you put most efforts to establish new policy? Why?


How do birth rates and death rates affect population dynamics specifically? When do you see stable populations with regard to birth and death rates? What about growing and shrinking populations?


Use your own words to describe an age-class diagram. What can you predict about the future for a population that has a triangular shaped age-class diagram?


Explain how poverty affects the environment.


Describe the role of women’s rights in population growth.


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Internal Talent

Talent management is often focused on building management and executive positions. Talent management should, however, build employees’ skills and knowledge at all levels. Building talent at all levels can contribute significantly to an organization’s success. Organizations are then able to place the right people in the right jobs in order to have the greatest impact on the organization. Although building talent often occurs informally, it may also occur formally through a systematic process. This can help ensure that when an employee leaves an organization, his or her successor will be able to move into the role with less difficulty.

Respond by Day 5 to two or more of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings.
  • Offer and support an opinion.
  • Validate an idea with your own experience.
  • Make a suggestion.
  • Expand on your colleagues’ postings.

Classmate 1: (BreAnna)

Succession Planning Internal Talent

According to Everwise (2016), having a succession plan featuring high potential talent is crucial to staying competitive. The people who should be considered high potential are those who perform well but also learn quickly on the job. Some techniques that can help organizations build high-potential talent internally is creating a development program. These programs will help challenge and motivate employees to reach for the stars. On the job assignments, short skills courses, and more visible responsibilities are all examples of tactics companies can use to develop their high potential talent. Then you have long term strategies and training that most employees use year-round.

Every employee is different; you have employees who are motivated by financial rewards and those who are motivated by praise. It can be a challenge to create a systematic approach to developing talent. There are a few processes you can follow to build a healthy pool of high-potential talent internally. Start by defining the organization’s goals then analyze employee needs, desires next determine parameters, create and gather materials and lastly evaluate the process (Schroeder,2017).

Many companies have not introduced the concept of succession planning in their organizations. My current job uses cross-training with each employee. The managers teach the employee how to do other jobs around the company; this is a form of succession planning. To manage succession planning in your organization, one must identify the organization’s long-term goals and hire superior staff. Also, employers must focus on employee retention, and employees must understand their career paths and the roles they are being developed to fill.


Retaining high potentials in particular means giving them the right environment to feel stimulated, engaged, and connected. Following the processes, I mentioned above can help an organization create a process that can be repeated, systematically, and be useful for all employees and actively managing succession planning ensures that employees are continuously developed to fill each needed role in your organization.”

Classmate 2: (Clarke)

Building High Potential Talent

The development planning process offers one of the greatest opportunities to systematically leverage experiences in a company (SIlzer & Dowell, 2010). There have been techniques created that are used to successfully build high potential talent within organizations. The ability to establish an employees strengths and weaknesses by conducting assessments is one method. The goal of this technique is to establish what an individual is good at so that their performance can be maximized. Another method would include offering advancement trainings. This will develop and advance an individuals skills, that will become a benefit for the organization.

The Systematic Processes

In order to build high-potential talent, a systematic approach has to be developed to advise the employees. One step would be to define the goals of the organization and have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Another would be learning the needs and desires of the employees which needs to be addressed to receive insight on their aspirations. Continuously reevaluating the process is another step that checks in on employee awareness of their specific program and if there are needs for improvements.

Succession Planning

The goal of succession planning is to have a pipeline of leaders that are already prepared for what’s next to come. If experiences are where the majority of development occurs, then ongoing job assignments become critical development activities (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). Being able to prep someone to assume an important role can create a safety net around the talent in the establishment. This causes for looking for those employees who display the necessary skills to thrive in those higher positions. Overall these strategies can help the succession planning processes to help identify the areas to focus its’ recruiting efforts.”

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In this unit, we learn about master budgets and why budgets are a necessary part of the financial planning of any organization. A budget is an operating financial plan that managers use to coordinate business activities.

Benjamin Franklin, said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” And so it is with budgets; an organization that fails to budget its financial resources could be setting itself up for financial failure. Ben was a REAL renaissance man!

Discuss the benefits of preparing a budget for an organization. Your post should list one benefit and briefly discuss why it is beneficial.

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You are the marketing director of a fast food restaurant. Your company is expanding overseas and you have been asked to study the culture and customs of that country to determine how to best serve the population.

Your instructor will assign your teammates, the country and the fast food restaurant. Start the paper with a paragraph of the history of the country and a history of the fast food restaurant.

  1. Discuss key concerns about being successful in the country.
  2. What kinds of things are important to know?
  3. How might the country’s views on Human Resources affect the opening and operations of your fast food restaurant?Each team member should be assigned questions they are to answer. Each team member must use a minimum of three scholarly resources (if there are three team members, there should be a minimum of nine resources). The paper must include a title page that includes the title of the paper (country and the fast food restaurant) and then the name of each team member. The paper may then be written in a question and answer format. Each student must write a minimum of 250 words to explain the questions they answered. Each section should include the name of the teammate who wrote that section. A team captain will be named. That team captain is responsible for the title page and the reference page, and then for handing the paper into the appropriate drop box. The team captain is NOT expected to rewrite any of the sections prepared by the team members. Prior to the end of the learning plan the instructor will email grading sheets to each student. The student must grade themselves, as well as each team member on the assignment, and then turn the grading sheet into the assignment’s drop box by the end of LP4. Failure to turn in the grading sheet will cost the student points. Submit this all parts of this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP4.1 Assignment: Fast Food on Foreign Soil. This assignment is worth 30 points.
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The paper is going to be an annotated bibliography for the topic Electronic commerce for small businesses. The paper requires the reading of five articles. The annotated bibliography must include 5 relevant sources. I already found 4 sources, I will provide the link for those and you would have to come up with one more. The source have to be peer reviewed and it can’t be more than 3 years old. I’m going to upload the instruction file so please download it and make sure you follow that carefully step by step and cover everything mentioned. In number 4, it states what the annotation must contain specifically in order(a – e). Each part should be covered carefully in a paragraph. At the end, each source is going to have five paragraphs. A page is going to contain the citation and the annotation of 5 paragraphs. Therefore, the paper will be 5 pages without the cover page and bibliography. Finally, use APA format for the bibliography, make sure all the rules are respected(It is important).

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The goal of this Project is to develop an enterprise solutions report that can be used to guide executive management in making information technology decisions for an organization.

As the IT Director of a small business or the CTO (1) of a multinational corporation, you are to write an executive summary for your enterprise security and technology solutions report that presents the organization’s IT strategic plan for the next five years. Draw upon your previous (Deliverables 1-4) submissions for support.

Your well-written executive summary must be 4-5 pages in length and conform to the APA writings. Include intext citations and at least four scholarly references to your paper.

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