Learning Outcome:

1. Analyze and identify challenges and issues pertaining to logistical processes.

2. Apply essential elements of core logistic and supply chain management principles.

3. The capacity to write coherent project about actual logistic case studies.

Assignment Workload:

This assignment is an individual assignment.

Critical Thinking

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to suggest logistics performance priorities. To this purpose, you should review about these companies through secondary available information. Think about how you can apply the concepts/tools that you learned in this course.

Just in time (JIT) is an inventory management method whereby materials, goods, and labor are scheduled to arrive or be replenished exactly when needed in the production process? Using this concept of JIT and Lean Thinking you should answer the following questions by taking any Saudi Manufacturing company.


1. Why Companies adopted JIT model?

2. Assess the reasons for using lean thinking. What are the benefits from Suppliers to end users?Using examples and Reasons why Company more focus on lean thinking and make their production Optimal?

The Answer should be 3- 4 pages in length including the cover and appendices, with 1″ margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. The cover of the answer should include title, course code and name, your full name, and your University id number.

The Answer must follow the outline points below:

  • JIT and Lean Thinking
  • Their Main functions
  • Any local (saudi arabia) example
  • Reasons with suitable Examples
  • Reference
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To be effective, multiple media should be chosen and integrated carefully. Individuals who are exposed to advertisements in combinations of media selected from television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and outdoor are more inclined to process the information than when a message appears in only a solitary medium. For each of the media, what is the probability of you being exposed to an advertisement? The percentages should add up to 100 percent. Which media are most effective in reaching you? Explain.



Post your answer to the discussion question posted above AND respond to AT LEAST 2 of your classmate’s posts.

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Comment on two peers post in 100 word count each below under the line

Cash flow is key to a business’ success and survival. A company must be able to answer at least two basic questions about their cash flow:

1. What is my cash balance right now?

2. What do I expect my cash balance to be six months from now?

What are some examples in your experience of cash flow projection methods in your company or companies that you have worked for in answering these questions?

You can perform an Internet search on “cash flow projections” for ideas.


By Patty: Cash Flow Projections

I am not a financial employee at my current place of business, however, I do understand how cash flow and cash balance can effect a budget for a business and how it will operate in its current state as well as in the future. There are many different methods when analyzing cash flow projects. One popular way is what is referred to as a direct cash flow method (Berry, 2019). In this type of cash flow projection it links multiple projects together to come to a consensus on the current cash balance based on those factors considered. Profit and loss as well as a balance sheet are linked together in a direct cash flow method to obtain the cash balance for a business. This is how we figure our yearly budgets at my current place of business. The majority of our expenses do not show up throughout the year on a profit and loss statement until the financials are receipted back into the accounts when received and once the accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis. This allows the Finance Director to track the available cash balance within each budgeted line item from month to month. The balance sheet aids in this projection as well by allowing for the itemized balance of income and expenditures to be tracked over what ever period of time is desired. In my place of business we do this monthly, however, in some businesses they may want to carry this out on a bi-annual basis.

By Keith:

A company always makes some important reports to keep a record of financial activities. It includes an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Cash flow statement explains how a company manages its cash or how it generates its cash in an effective way to pay all its debts and utilize in different operating expenses. It breaks downs the cash analysis into investing, financing and operating activities. It is important for a company to answer that what is its cash balance at the current time and what its expectations for the coming six months are. Cash balance is the amount of money which a company has in its bank account at the end of a particular time (month, quarter, six months or year). For Cash flow projection methods the example of Elite Service Co is used for answering the questions of discussion. The cash balance of Elite Service Co for June 30, 2017 is $4600 according to the example (P1-3A) in chap 1 while for next six months the cash balance is estimated around $4200. The Cash flow projection is used to forecast whether the company can repay on time or not. It helps the investors to judge liquidity of a company. With the help of cash flow projections, companies can compare actual results with the previously projected cash flows. This helps them in understanding where companies need adjustments.

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The goal of the assignment is to reflect on readings and course materials, and provide a perspective in an organized and comprehensive manner. If references are used, citations should be written in APA format. Points will be deducted for misspellings, punctuation, and other grammatical errors. Requirements:

  • One (1) page, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, one inch margins
  • Include reflection and application of the course material for the week

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your journal responses should make real world connections of the chapter content and not be merely of summary of the chapter.

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I have the exam right now only 15min left. Just watch the picture i link below, all definition over there. Used your own words to answer 1 question below (atleast 50words)

Pleaseeeee make sure you can do it on time then please finish it asap (you can just point out the point, no need full sentence but just use information in my source and paraphrase it carefully, it will be turn it in check online). Thank you so much!

Question: Organizational Behavior Modification (aka Operant Conditioning) is one of the most effective ways to change behavior in an organization. It can be accomplished through 5 methods. Identify and explain those methods, give an example for each one.

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One of the most common approaches to the study of leadership today is the transformational leadership theory. Explain what the basics of this theory, and why it is so popular in a modern day criminal justice setting.

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Pick a topic that interests you, that you establish your thesis/argument, that you chart out 3-4 argumentative points that can serve as your paragraphs and help to support that thesis, and that you find the relevant passages/quotations that you will use for support in your essay. Use APA style, don’t copy, use your own language, use references correctly. I will provide a pdf version of this book, you only need to analyze and write according to the first 13 chapters of the catalog.

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my stakeholder is United Nations Security Council. the topic is about the climate change. MORE INFORMATION IN THE ATTACHMENT FILE.


Part 2 asks you to formalize your Project 2 visual analysis by writing a 1,000 – 1,200-word essay that identifies a stakeholder’s argument that has been communicated through two of its visual images. Prior to this assignment, you have chosen a stakeholder (organization) and two of its images and created substantial content by answering guiding questions. This Part 2 assignment asks that you to more critically analyze the visual and rhetorical strategies this organization implements in its campaign and analyze how these visual arguments reflect the organization’s goals, which encompass its interests, missions, and message.

Skills & Strategies

This Part 2 assignment will help you to

  • determine a stakeholder’s goals, which encompass its interests. missions, and message
  • analyze further the rhetorical situation associated with the stakeholder’s two images
  • examine the rhetorical strategies used in the two images that support the stakeholder’s goals
  • substantiate your visual analysis with research
  • identify and develop organizational strategies that contribute to the effective delivery of information and presentation
  • construct an introduction and solid thesis that presents the relationship between the two images and the stakeholder’s goals
  • write a conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking research ideas for research/action
  • cite sources according to the assigned requirements

Description (and Step by Step)

Part 2 should be a fully-developed 1,000 – 1,200-word essay that analyzes how the two visual arguments reflect the concerns of the stakeholder and discuss visual rhetorical strategies that establish relationships between the two images. This draft should include an introduction and thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations from appropriate sources), and a Works Cited page. The draft must also include the two images you have analyzed, embedded into your draft.

This draft should include the following steps:

  1. An introduction that clearly identifies the stakeholder and its background (context), the controversial issue, and the thesis that presents the relationship between the two images and the stakeholder’s main argument, including how the two images represent the stakeholder’s goals, which encompass its interests, missions, and message
  2. An analysis of the rhetorical strategies used in both images, taking into consideration audience, message, purpose, rhetorical appeals, and/or rhetorical fallacies (if they exist), and pointing to specific details from the image to support your claim
  3. An integration of at least three sources into your visual analysis; one must be a source from the stakeholder, and the others may come from secondary sources about the stakeholder or about the images discussed.
  4. A conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking research ideas for research/action
  5. A Works Cited page

I’ll give you 3 Sample papers.

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Minimum word count: 1200 words

Required sources: 3

This paper has the most “weight” of any paper in the course and the longest word count requirement.

Closely follow instructions in the module and thoroughly edit your paper for past writing errors and feedback for each stage of the paper.

See handbook page 8 and 21 about compare and contrast writing.

See handbook 42 for more about a proposal argument under “Argument assignments.”

Main Goal:

Write an argumentative essay that presents a problem and then compares and contrasts two solutions to determine a logical resolution.

Sample Topics:

You may choose one of the topics below or propose your own topic for this major assignment.

  • Body image: Does the media present unrealistic expectations? How can we raise self esteem?
  • Bullying: What forms does it take? Who is responsible for addressing it–parents, teachers, administrators, students?
  • Plagiarism: Why is it such a problem today? How can it be prevented?
  • Privacy: Do we need it? Is it more important than security?
  • Illegal immigration: Is this an economic or race issue? Should states or federal governments regulate?
  • Social media: Is it addictive? Has it negatively impacted personal relationships and communication?


With this paper, students are responsible for researching 3 credible source materials. At least 1 or more must come from the college library databases.


1. You must have at least 1200 words to earn a passing grade on this assignment. Minimum word count does not include the cover page, outline, heading, title, or Works Cited page of your paper. Please use Times News Roman 12-point or a comparable font.

2. You must have an MLA-style cover page and a formal outline. The cover page should contain a well-worded title or titles which capture the reader’s interest and move him or her to turn the page to read the essay. See more about effective titles in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

3. You must have a clear and developed introductory paragraph that contains an argumentative thesis statement. See more about introductions in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

4. You must have three or more body paragraphs unified by clear topic sentences and focused on proving the thesis through either the point-by-point or subject-by-subject organizational strategy. See more about body paragraphs in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

5. You must incorporate material from a minimum of 3 credible sources. Any quotes, paraphrases, or summaries must be introduced and incorporated into your own sentences. They must include an in-text citation or acknowledgment in MLA format and a follow-up sentence that clearly relates the material to your own argument. Check past modules for more information about quoting from sources and avoiding plagiarism.

6. You must have a conclusion that brings closure to your entire essay. See more about conclusions in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

7. You must include a Works Cited page as the last page of the document. This page must be in MLA format. See past paper modules for more about the works cited.

8. You must submit your final paper to the Compare/Contrast Essay Dropbox.

Common Errors:

1. Avoid first person (I, me, my, mine, we) and second person (you, your, and understood “you” commands) as well as contractions. This type of wording is considered informal unless it appears in a quote from a source. Hint: Reading your paper aloud can help you spot informal wording. See more about common errors to avoid in the Academic Language item in the Grammar Basics section of Writer’s Resources module.

2. Avoid comma splices and fragments. These errors are major issues that will result in a significant reduction of points. Edit each sentence individually to avoid them. See more about these major errors and how to avoid them in the Grammar Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

3. Avoid subject-verb and pronoun antecedent agreement errors through careful editing. These errors can be difficult to locate because they are often found in our speech. Pay careful attention. See more about these major errors and how to avoid them in the Grammar Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module.

4. Avoid dumped quotes. This is when borrowed materials lack a lead-in or phrase of attribution to connect them to your own argument. Also, remember to follow up on any borrowed materials. See quoting examples in past paper modules. Avoid errors you have made on past papers.

Writing Tips:

1. Make sure that your paper establishes a legitimate problem, presents two potential solutions, and effectively argues for the more reasonable solution.

2. Make sure your paper follows one of the compare/contrast organizational strategies: point-by-point or subject-by-subject. Also, consider transitions as you organize. You want your reader to see the connections between your points.

3. Be sensitive to your audience as you consider your tone and language. If you feel there is a point of contention, acknowledging it and then explaining your point of view can be a helpful way to address this. Reading out loud can also increase your audience awareness because it allows you to hear your arguments in a more objective way.

4. Make sure your argument avoids logic fallacies. See more about logic fallacies in the module or click direct link Logic Fallacies.

5. Thoroughly review the Four Pitfalls of Comparison/Contrast Writing and eliminate them from your own paper. See this item in Content, or click here to open in a new window: Four Pitfalls.

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This is a group project and I am ONLY responsible for the Introduction (75words maybe) and project scope control system(200-400 words). Do not need title page or table of contents. WILL NEED references and Please do only

Do an Introduction for the Entire paper and

(a) Provide clear details regarding your project scope control system. What is included? How do you plan to measure performance? Please include a discussion regarding the roles and responsibilities.

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