Write one page double spaced Times new roman.

Briefly explain how the organism was modified (which gene was given) and why that modification was done and explain how “useful” they are to society.

The genatic change make them resistance to plum pox virus conferred by insertion of a coat protein (CP) gene from the virus

Provide the link to the original article.

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An annotated bibliography is basically the same as any works cited or references page but, and there is one big difference: after each reference, there are a few brief sentences summarizing the contents of the reference listed above it in the bibliography. The bibliography is still a list of sources in alphabetical order, but the difference is the summary of the article, book, or any other source appears immediately below the MLA reference–and this is called the annotation, hence an “annotated” bibliography. If you have any questions, Google annotated bibliography examples and look at one or more. To save time and be working on your documented essay at the same time, there is some logic to using the research items for Magical Realism for this assignment. You will be working on your documented essay as you do so, as well as meeting the requirements for this week’s assignment.

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It is under the assignments page, 47 homework questions and a 40 question final.

Thank You 🙂

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For this assignment you have just been hired as a management consultant for a private prison corporation. The company owns two prisons; both have high rates of employee turnover and very bad reputations. One is a brand new facility, Kurz Manor. Your company built it from scratch and installed a modern management system. The problem is that most of the staff is new to corrections and the discipline in the facility is very loose. Recent escapes from Kurz Manor have resulted in a public outcry that the place should be closed.

The other prison, Longview, has been running as a traditional state prison using policies and procedures that have not been updated for many years. The staff uses a punishment model of control instituted by the warden Big Bob. Longview has very low morale and numerous prison incidents of violence and sexual assaults. Both of the prisons house medium to maximum-security prisoners.

For this assignment the state has given your company the management contract for the private prison corporation. They need changes to be made that will alter the situation in both facilities within the corporation. If significant improvements are not witnessed in two years, the state will probably decide to house their prisoners elsewhere.

To make certain that the decisions you’re taking are going to help the organization, you need to be sure that you have accurate information about the history of the organization and what strategies are going to help it. To do this, what kind of research would you plan? What kind of data would you need to put your plans into action? How would conducting the right kind of research help you implement your plans of action?

Your goal as the management consultant for a private prison corporation is to develop plans to bring about large-scale changes in the corporation and its two facilities.

  • To bring about change and development in the corporation and its two facilities, what are the first steps you will take and why? What are the theories and models you will use? Use your research to cite resources to support your recommendations.
  • What kind of resistance to change do you foresee in terms of personnel sources and organizational sources between the two facilities and why; cite sources to support your argument. How would you propose methods to overcome this resistance to change across the various levels in both facilities and why; cite sources to support your proposal?
  • To ensure the development of your organization’s effectiveness, how would you increase the level of trust and support among organizational members from both facilities and why; cite sources to support your proposal?
  • How would you improve the level of job satisfaction in both facilities? List methods and tools for implementation and cite sources to support your recommendations for improvement.
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Observation Papers

In order to better understand the group process, each student will be assigned observation assignments. A student has the option of observing an actual group either in person, on social media, (YouTube, DVD) video, or via a television broadcast. Each student will be required to observe one of the following groups:

infant (< 1 year)

toddler (between 1 to 2 years)

Children (before puberty)

Adults (26-40)

Middle aged person( 40-60)

  • Seniors (61 and greater)

Answer the following questions in detail, in paragraph format and in the following order:

1. What seems to be the theme of discussion?

2. What kind of group is it? explain (i.e. task, psycho educational, counseling, or psychotherapy)

3. Describe the group members. (verbal & nonverbal cues, appearance, affect, function within

the group)

4. What seems to be the group’s purpose (goal of the group) and how is the group functioning (progress, moving forward)?

5. How is the group functioning? Explain the member to member interaction.

6. What stage of development is the group operating in? Give evidence. (i.e., initial, transition, working,


7. Describe the leader’s role and/or co-leader’s role.

8. Define the zeitgeist, vicissitudes of life, culture, class, and racial demographic that may impact the group.

9. What is your overall impression?

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Hello there, here is my question and please follow the structures CAREFULLY. And i have attached some examples of it to be clear. Also, please focus on these FEEDBACK down, it is very important:

-show good understanding of economics concepts

– a bit too short to get all your points across

– writing flow could be improved.

too much definition.

@@@Here is the research structures of the research@@@

Create research questions based on a topic covered in class that interest you. Research and find answers to those questions by using articles from current or past events from any major publication (electronic or print edition) to be your research references. Articles that appear in economic journals or business magazines such as The Economist are good resources. In addition, articles that appear in blogs or newspapers are good sources for further research. Several links to good references are available under the Content and the Announcement section on the class website as well as a sample and guildlines for your research.

The objective of the paper is to summarize, analyze, critique, support (or question) the articles, and relate the articles to your research questions. The paper must show an analysis of a real world situation using economics concepts, framework, and theories to suggest such as what the problems are, why there are the problems, how to fix the problems, what the pros and cons of each solution are, and how it will affect each group of people.

    • Remember: Your assignment is to write a research paper, NOT a dictionary or a section of a textbook or a newspaper article or a Wikipedia. Use economics theories and concepts to analyze real world economic problems.
    • Each paper must have a minimum of 750 words but should not over 1,200 words excluding title, quotes, and references. A paper between 700-749 words will receive a maximum of a “C+” or lower. A paper below 700 words will receive a maximum of a “C” or lower depending on a quality of a paper.
    • Submit in Doc, Docx, or RTF format only. Submission in any other format will not be graded.
    • Paper#2 should cover a topic from the last half of the course.
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✅ Discussion:

The basic story of Florence Nightingale is familiar to most nurses. This week we learned more about Nightingale’s life and work. Select at least one piece of the Nightingale legacy that was new to you and tell us how this changed your understanding of this great woman and her contributions to nursing.

Please feel free to use any or all of the enclosed references. The only required reference is from Judd & Sitzman.



Biography of Florence Nightingale. (2019). Retrieved from https://www.florence-nightingale.co.uk/resources/b…

Judd, D. and Sitzman, K. (2014) A History of American Nursing: Trends and Eras. Jones and Bartlett Learning. Burlington, MA.

McDonald, L. (2014). Florence Nightingale, statistics and the Crimean War. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), 177(3), 569–586. https://doi-org.chamberlainuniversity.idm.oclc.org…

Zborowsky, T. (2014). The Legacy of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory: Nursing Research Focusing on the Impact of Healthcare Environments. Health Environments Research & Design Journal (HERD) (Vendome Group LLC), 7(4), 19–34. https://doi-org.chamberlainuniversity.idm.oclc.org…

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CF 2 – Leisure time, entertainment, cultural activities (3-5)


In the new culture, most likely you will need to build good relationships and trust with local colleagues. An important part of such an effort is to be knowledgeable about and be a part of leisure, cultural and entertainment activities typical in the new culture.

Research and provide a summary of the most important elements of such activities. Which one you would like to participate. What you will need to do or prepare to be a part or show interest in such events or activities.

Your report should at the minimum cover the following items:

  • National or favorite sport (and the major teams in these sports)
  • Admired sports figures and champions
  • Typical outdoor leisure activities (biking, fishing skiing…..)
  • Typical indoor leisure activities (e.g. games)
  • Globally known celebrities (singer, actors, sport, painters, writers, noble prize winners)
  • Typical cultural entertainment event (e.g. music, dance, live event)
  • Famous artist (singers, painters, writers….)
  • Major must see attractions and monuments
  • Major national parks and nature attraction (highest mountain, largest lake etc.)
  • Major historical events
  • Anything else that might make the local proud and “scoring points for you” that you are aware about that.

*Be sure to include Cultural Intelligence Elements (motivation, strategy, etc.)*

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Discuss in 500 words, how much redaction is necessary to anonymize an electronic health record. Is it enough to redact the name? The name and address? Is a medical record like a finger print?

Cite your sources. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.

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