Using search engines and the EBSCOhost databases, find at least three sources with current views or opinions, and write a 500-word paper on the following topic:

  • The impact of Web-based communication on public attitudes and political policy making.

APA Format

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What are involved in these papers?

For each paper, choose one motion. Choose to argue for or against the motion. You have 3 pages (double spaced) to make your case.

What should I include in these papers?

You should start with an introduction that lays out the motion, provides some background, and then closes with a clear thesis statement that lays out a) what side you are taking, and b) why. A good thesis might read, “I am arguing in favor of/against the motion because a, b, and c.”

A good way to organize your paper would be with one paragraph for each argument you are making for or against the motion. Organization is very important here; you want your reader to able to follow your points clearly.

Make sure you also address counterarguments. An effective paper will also be able to address possible criticisms of your argument. In other words, don’t just pretend that counterarguments don’t exist.

Make sure you have a conclusion, summarizing your points.

Make sure you cite, when appropriate readings from class. You are also free to muster facts and arguments from elsewhere; just make sure you cite the sources appropriately.

Do not argue against certain motions because of the logistics involved. For example, if you want to argue against Motion 6 (that the US should adopt parliamentarism), don’t argue that to do so would be too expensive, and it would never happen anyways, because it would be too hard to change the constitution. Instead, argue about why presidentialism is good, and alternatives are bad.

How will the papers be graded?

You will earn between 0 and 100 on each paper. Points will be allocated as follows:

1) Clarity of arguments made in favor of/against motion (25 points)

Are the arguments clear, understandable, and serve to further the author’s case for or against the motion?

2) Comprehensiveness of arguments (20 points)

Do the arguments cover sufficient ground? Do they leave out one or more very important points for/against the motion?

3) Dealing with counterarguments (15 points)

Does the author acknowledge counterarguments, and address them effectively?

4) Coherence of arguments (15 points)

Do the arguments all work in favor of/against the motion? Or do they contradict one another?

5) Evidence of research & preparation (15 points)

Does the paper reference course readings and materials, when appropriate? Does it back up its assertions with any facts?

6) Paper organization (10 points)

Does the paper “flow” clearly from point to point?

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Your task is to explore and reflect on playing serious games.

Serious games are digital games designed mainly to promote learning instead of entertainment. Serious games can promote education, corporate training, healthcare, advertisement, business, politics, attitudinal and behavioral change, and social change. That said, it doesn’t mean serious games are almost always not fun to play given its design priority in promoting learning. Take a look at the picture on the top right and you will notice it takes content, learning theory, and also sound game design to make serious games effective in engaging learners with gameplay while inducing learning.

Each report must be at least 300 words

Where do you start?

You should start by playing some of the serious games provided below! Don’t be fooled by the title of a game since the game may embody a hidden curriculum. Try to play thoughtfully and critically if you can.

Take a screenshot of the games you explored, paste them in a Google Doc, list two to three games that you explored, explain what the games were designed to promote, and what kind of learning/message you’ve obtained from gameplay. Submit your completed quest to the assignment dropbox.

Choose three of these games and make report and a screenshot for each game :

Serious Game Titles for you to explore:

McDonald’s Video Game

Free Rice

Wolf Quest

Playing History

Re-Mission 2

America’s Army

Quest for the Code

Against All Odds

Darfur is Dying

3rd World Farmer

Destination Love…

Grace’s Diary…

Blast off!…


Win the White House

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1. Develop a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 8-15 slides. Include the following. Title slide, written speaker notes, and Reference slide. Do not use Voice Over recordings. All information needs to be written in slides and notes.

2. You are required to complete the assignment using the productivity tools, which is Microsoft Office Word 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC.

3. As the leader, you have identified a problem or issue related to one of the National Patient Safety Goals 2018 created by the Joint Commission that will lead to quality improvement. You will find the National Patient Safety Goals using this link: NPSG (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

4. Assess the problem or issue. State the problem/issue and identify three rationales (reasons) that the problem exists.

5. Determine the people who are involved in the issue and explain three reasons as to how their role will contribute to the problem or issue solution.

6. Identify three solutions and discuss the purpose, cost and desired outcome.

7. Pick one solution to share with the director and discuss why this solution was chosen over the others.

8. Make an action plan to share the solution with the director or staff.

9. Summarize issue, plan and desired outcome and purpose for quality improvement on slide.

10. Summarize your learning and value of doing the assignment.

11. Include written speaker notes for all slides except title slide and reference slide.

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For this Assignment, your group creates a literature review matrix for the topic you selected (listed Below). Use the template provided (attached) to create literature review matrix. hat includes at least 10 references from the last 5 years.

Topic: Malnutrition in Children under 5 years of age in Developing Countries

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Answer one of the following questions in your essay. You should incorporate your answers into a coherent, original argument, and analyze the evidence from the primary source material (Liang Qichao, Sun Yat-sen, Lu Xun short stories, etc.) that supports your argument, in addition to secondary source material from Harrison and Schoppa. No sources outside the assigned readings are necessary.

Your essay should be five pages in length, double-spaced. Remember to document all non-original ideas in your essay, by means of using quotations with footnotes.

  1. What did the term “the people” mean to Liang Qichao, Sun Yat-sen, and Lu Xun? How did it differ from the Confucian view of “the people”?
  2. Whatwasthemeaningof“beingaliterati”(or“passingtheexamination”)inthelate imperial China? How might it affect a person’s life? Consider the cases of failure as well as success in the characters created by Lu Xun. In what ways were the literati related to and different from the modern intelligentsia?
  3. The1911Revolutionhasbeenseenbymanyasafailure.Basedonyourreadingof the story of Lu Xun’s short stories, discuss how the failure was understood by different social groups: conservative local elites, the May Fourth intellectuals, and ordinary people. What was Lu Xun’s solution to the failure of 1911? How might we understand the May Fourth Movement in terms of this solution?
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The assignment is to answer these 5 questions for each of the 3 videos of your choosing, i will give you my account information so you can log in and complete the assignment

here are the questions ;

1. What were the main points of this speaker’s presentation?

2. How will you apply this information in your life?

3. What did you find most interesting about this speaker?

4. If you could talk to the speaker, what would you say/ask?

5. Would you recommend this speaker to other students? Why or why not?

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Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you discuss the two trends or practices, Forensic science and Pursuit avoidance technologies.

  • Describe the two trends or practices.
  • Discuss how the trends or practices involve the use of technology.
  • Analyze the trends or practices as they relate to the future of policing or homeland security.
  • Explain the pros and cons of implementation of the trends or practices in the future.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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Please note the links at the bottom of assignment that leads to the document set that you will need. Please make sure you read the instructions and understand what you’re supposed to be doing!

Please upload your paper to the assignment dropbox using only .pdf or .doc/docx format. If you upload it in another format, I will not be able to make comments and possibly will not be able to view it.

The essay should be approximately 1000-1500 words. Please use one inch margins and double-space or space and a half. Make sure the title of your essay clearly refers to the specific question you’re addressing. In writing the essay make sure you have a clear introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Make sure that you support all main points with brief quotes taken from the primary source evidence and that you cite your sources. Citations should be in the form of a parenthetical note after the quote indicating the author and date of publication (unless otherwise noted below). You should have a bibliography at the end of your paper with all the source documents you used.

Debate over the Intervention in Vietnam

By the beginning of the 1960s the United States had been indirectly engaged in Vietnam for some time. However, American involvement had been extremely limited. In 1964, with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, the United States formally began to ramp up its commitment of troops. Even as the decision was being made there were doubts about whether this was the right choice for our country, and these doubts grew over time.

In an essay of 1000 to 1500 words compare and contrast the key arguments in these documents for and against American intervention in Vietnam. Overall, which side do you think presents a better case? You should provide at least three points of comparison (argument versus counter-argument).

Your arguments should be clearly supported by brief quotes taken from the primary source documents provided. This is NOT a research assignment — use only the documents provided.

I will have written assignments graded within one to two weeks of the due date. I make comments on the midterm essay and the primary source analysis paper, however, I’m not able to make comments on the final essay since I have to turn around the course grade very quickly. If you wish me to give you feedback on your final essay after the course if over, please e-mail me.

Essays will be graded on the following criteria:

I. Organization (how well you structure your argument)

  • You should have an introductory paragraph that briefly summarizes your answer to the question.
  • The body of the essay should be logically organized to support your argument. Usually a topical organization is best. For instance, if the question asks you to talk about economics, politics, and social structure, a logical form of organization would be to have a paragraph on economics, a paragraph on politics, etc.
  • Each paragraph in the body should begin with a clear topic sentence. A topic sentence indicates the main point you’re making in that paragraph. As a general rule of thumb, never start a paragraph with a statement of fact or a quote. Your paragraph should stay focused on proving that central point. For instance, if you indicate in your topic sentence thatyou will be making an argument about politics, don’t wander off into talking about economics.
  • Your essay should have a clear conclusion that summarizes the main points of your argument (your answer to the question)

II. Use of Evidence (how well you support your argument with historical facts)

  • Key assertions should be supported by specific historical facts rather than generalizations.
  • Evidence should be integrated into the argument. Just throwing out facts is not enough – you need to explain HOW the facts help prove your argument.
  • Facts should be CORRECT and RELEVANT. The first point is obvious. In the second case, students often dump a large quantity of facts into a paper without any regard to whether they relate to answering the question. This indicates that the student doesn’t really understand the significance of the evidence.

III. Overall Effectiveness of the Argument (Does your answer make historical sense)

  • The essay should actually make an analytical argument, not just provide a narration of events. In history we look at not just WHAT happened in the past, but WHY it happened and WHY it’s significant.
  • All elements of the question should be addressed. If the question has two components and you only address one, that’s not a complete answer.

Overall, the essay should reflect a good understanding of the historical material being discussed

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For this assignment, please read Household_Food_Waste.

This is an academic, peer reviewed article, so it is longer and more difficult to read. Please don’t let the 19 pages scare you; lots of it is graphs and tables. However, focus on close reading. Take your time and deal with the language and format. I promise, I don’t give you this article to torture you; this is the kind of readings you will find in college level course, whether English or not.

Once you have carefully read, submit this Annotation Worksheet.

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