220 words chapter reflection

After reading the textbook chapters, reflect on how building technical communication skills will contribute to your personal development of communication expertise and enable you to make necessary and important contributions in your career goals, on campus, and as a community member. Identify your audience and write with them in mind. Identify 2 specific topics mentioned in the chapters to support you (220 words minimum).

Please follow the garding crriteria

The reading Chapter 1 and 21

There are PPT for the chapter you can use

you can read chapter 1 from this link






This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent

9.0 pts

Proficient – Content addresses the prompt fully and is expressed clearly.

5.0 pts

Competent – Content addresses most of the prompt but needs more development.

0.0 pts

Novice – Content does not address the prompt at all or very little.

9.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization

8.0 pts

Proficient – Organization is clear and journal is easy to follow.

5.0 pts

Competent – Some organization but needs work.

0.0 pts

Novice – No paragraphs or organization.

8.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar

8.0 pts

Proficient – Very little or no grammar or spelling errors.

5.0 pts

Competent – Some grammar or spelling errors.

0.0 pts

Novice – Multiple grammar or spelling errors that makes it difficult to read.

8.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0

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