n a minimum of three pages, write the methods and discussion section of a research paper using the selected design. You can choose to discuss results that confirm your hypothesis or results that disconfirm your hypothesis. In the discussion section, be sure to discuss limitations to your study, ways that future research could overcome these limitations and provide further information, and ways that professionals could use the results of your study. Be sure to include a title and reference page, in APA format. Per APA format, all pages should also have a running head.

As you have learned during this class, the many methods of research available make it helpful to think through the different options prior to determining which research method is appropriate for your study. It is important to think of what is most needed from your study results when choosing what method to use. If a researcher wants to study an exercise intervention for reducing depression, s/he might study this approach in depth with one person using a single case study, s/he might try to study this by watching people and collecting observational data, s/he might survey people on their rates of exercise and their moods, s/he might collect data from people who regularly use their gym membership and people who do not in terms of their mood, or s/he might randomly assign people to receive or not receive an exercise intervention. Different research designs yield different data. The data obtained, in turn, impact the conclusions that can be made and the implications of study results for professionals working in the field.

For this expository essay, you will identify uses, strengths, and limitations for main study methods discussed in class for a topic of interest (ideally the topic you have used for the course learning activities, but this is not required). You will then choose which of these methods you think is best for studying your research question and design a study using the chosen method. You will present hypothetical findings, discuss limitations of your study, discuss areas for further research, and discuss how your study findings could be used by professionals in the field. Please see the Unit 9 assignment template for more information.

Assignment Requirements and Guidelines

  • Compose your paper in a Word document
  • Title and Reference pages are required
  • The viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained
  • The paper should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  • The writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful
  • APA formatting and citation style should be followed (please visit the Writing Center for more information, tutorials, etc. regarding APA citation and formatting style)
  • 3-5 pages in length

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