Resources: Internet, University Library and the textbook, Human Diseases.You are creating a community health promotion resource that addresses a cardiovascular subject of your choosing. You are creating this tool for a segmented population of health care consumers.Create a 500 -word informational tool in the form of one of the following:PodcastNews transcriptBrochure/pamphletVideoInterviewOther option approved by your instructor  – Your health promotion tool should be creative! Simple summaries or papers will be marked down. You are trying to get your audience engaged in your message and excited about improving their cardiovascular health.Include the following in your resource:Identify the disease or subject of focus.Identify the population.Focus your information on the specific cultural beliefs of the population that you have chosen and how treatment and management of the disease might be affected by these aspects.Explain how this disease and the management of it affect resources in society.Include your references for the information you use in your assignment. Be sure that you paraphrase everything well. I typically download the text and run it through the plagiarism checker.

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