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Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman StoryMen Don’t TellNancy Ziegenmeyer StoryThe AccusedThe Burning BedThe Color PurpleWhat’s Love Got to do with ItAn Unfinished LifeOr any other video approved by your instructor.Complete a genogram of three generations of the sample family and an ecomap—fill in information that might not be addressed in the movie.At a minimum include the following components in the genogram:Each person represented by the appropriate shape (with name—or made up name).Marital status of all dyads (again fill in information that is missing).Education level, occupation, any chronic physical or mental health issues or cause of death (written under the shape for each individual).Descriptions of each person—two adjectives each for strengths and weaknesses (written under the shape for each individual).Descriptions of the strengths of or the existence of family violence in each “family” (two parents and their children).Status of relationships among family members (only identify those that are not average—either conflicted or particularly close).Based on the sample family, create an ecomap that addresses the relational network of the client and be sure to include:  Supportive People (interpersonal resources)Supportive Ideas (intrapersonal resources)Discouraging PeopleDiscouraging Ideas  Using the data from the genogram and ecomap, write a short reflection on the observations of the “sample family.” Summarize your observations of the process and how this may be helpful to you as you assess strengths and liabilities related to family violence in the families you serve as a MFT. Incorporate diversity considerations and how the cultural background of the family proceed be a strength and liability as it relates to family violence.  You may also wish to discuss your observations on the relationship stability, geographic closeness of family with implications, education and occupation patterns and implications, health issues and implications, individual and family strengths and impact on family functioning, and relationship status among family members and any identifiable patterns.http://family.jrank.org/pages/525/Family-Diagrammatic-Assessment-ECOMAP.htmlhttps://www.familytreetemplates.net/preview/Eco-Maphttp://family.jrank.org/pages/525/Family-Diagrammatic-Assessment-ECOMAP.html

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