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Discussion Question 1( 2 pages)Identify the methodology, design, and rationale of the following titles.Exploring the rate of seasonal-pattern depression in an Inuit communityDemocracy in AmericaThe relationship between compassion fatigue and burnout among critical care nursesTwo drugs for Alzheimer’s show promiseEvaluating technology with student successFactors that influence weight control among womenThe meaning of living with brain injury and stroke 10 years after the injuryExploring the beliefs of healing among AboriginesDiscussion Question 2(2 pages)Using the South University Online Library, research workforce issues and patient safety.Based on your research, complete the following tasks:Identify and describe the research problems, purpose, objectives, and hypothesis of the research.Evaluate the credibility and validity of the study.Suggested References:Shisana, O., Rice, K., Zungu, N., & Zuma, K. (2010). Gender and poverty in SouthAfrica in the era of HIV/AIDS: A quantitative study. Journal of Women’sHealth (15409996), 19(1), 39–46.Ko, E., Nelson-Becker, H., Park, Y., & Shin, M. (2013). End-of-Life decision makingin older Korean adults: Concerns, preferences, and expectations. EducationalGerontology, 39(2), 71–81.Witzke, J., Rhone, R., Backhaus, D., & Shaver, N. (2008). How sweet the sound:Research evidence for the use of music in Alzheimer’s dementia. Journal ofGerontological Nursing, 34(10), 45–52.Sandvik, A., Melender, H., Jonsén, E., Jönsson, G., Salmu, M., & Hilli, Y. (2012).Nursing students’ experiences of the first clinical education: A nordicquantitative study. Nordic Journal of Nursing Research & Clinical Studies /Vård I Norden, 32(3), 20–25.Cooper, C., Taft, L., & Thelen, M. (2004). Examining the role of technology inlearning: An evaluation of online clinical conferencing. Journal ofProfessional Nursing, 20(3), 160–166.Roulston, A., Bickerstaff, D., Haynes, T., Rutherford, L., & Jones, L. (2012). A pilotstudy to evaluate an outpatient service for people with advanced lung cancer.International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 18(5), 225–233.

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