5-2 Journal: Compare and Contrast Company Values

First, read this article: Nissan To Produce New Crossover Based On Kicks Concept. Also review “Establishment of the ‘Nissan Way’” (Figure 3, within Chapter 11, Section 4.2.3 in your textbook).Then, compare the “Nissan Way” organizational culture with the Brazilian jeitinho cultural trait as discussed in our Module Three reading.Now consider both of these cultural concepts working in tandem with each other. Identify one Nissan Way value and one jeitinho value that you believe would work well together. Also select one Nissan Way value and one jeitinho value that you believe could create dissonance or organizational conflict.Note that this is a challenge that Nissan currently faces, as in 2016, Nissan announced that it would begin producing a new crossover that will be sold globally, starting with Latin American markets.Following an investment of $192 million (U.S. dollars), the Nissan Kicks will be produced at Nissan’s Resende Industrial Complex in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The facility was inaugurated in 2014 and currently produces compact vehicles March and Versa. After the start of production, Nissan expects to hire 600 new employees.For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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