1. What is capacity planning and how does it differ for products and services? 

2. In your own words, tell us what the learning curve is.  How do you see this model operating in your work life?

3. Process analysis includes creating a process flowchart.  What elements of a process need to be included in a process flowchart and why.

4. It is the job of the operation manager to ensure that the company is maximizing their efficiency when it comes to logistics. Whether it is choosing UPS to ship your packages or picking out the perfect location for you own distribution center, factory or service delivery location… the decisions made by the operation manager will have a huge impact on the company’s overall success.  What are some of the main considerations an Operations Manager would need to take into account?  Is it different for different types of operations?

5. What is the supply chain for a firm?  How can lean principles be applied to the supply chain?

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