ease read the following articles and answer the questions with each article:

Goldstein, Melvyn C. 1987 When Brothers Share a Wife whenbrothersshareawife.pdfView in a new window

1. How does polyandry not oppress women?

2. What are the advantages of this system?

3. What is the perspective on polyandry in Tibet (by the people who live there)?

Yuan, Lu and Sam Mitchell 2000 Matrilineal Kinship: Walking Marriage in China. MatrilinealChina.pdfView in a new window

4. What is a “walking marriage”?

Nanda, Serena. 2000. Arranging a Marriage in India: An Anthropologist at Work. Nanda-arranged marriages.pdfView in a new window

5. What are the reasons given for arranging a marriage and why it is more advantageous than selecting your own partner?

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