lease read the following articles and answer the questions with each article:

Half the Sky, Chapter 4: Rule by Rape (61-80)

  1. How many women are estimated to be beaten in the home?
  2. The judge in the rape and kidnapping case of Woineshet, in Ethiopia, disapproved of the fact that this young girl was insisting on prosecuting her rapist: “He wants to marry you. Why are you refusing?” How is this story emblematic of the much larger problem of “tradition” in countries like Ethiopia?

Half the Sky, Chapter 5: The Shame of “Honor” (81-92)

3. How is rape used to control women? How is rape used to control men?

4. According to “Half the Sky,” what did the United Nations officially declare as a “weapon of war” in 2008?

5. What did you learn about why women did not report rape?

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