6. Critically analyse the key issues relating to gender and HRM in India. 3000 Words.

Please use the slides attached.The format should be as follows:1) Introduction on HRM in India, and list gender related issues.2) Importance of gender diversity (Use help of Slide 8)3)Analyse each of these issues in depth:i) Pipeline issue (use slide 11)ii) Gender wage gap and the factors driving this issue. (slide 12 and 13)iii) Challenges women face in the workplace like sexual harassment, gender bias(slide 16), and paternity leave(slide 14)iv) cultural problems in india that affect the workplace like married women arent allowed to work.v)PLEASE ADD SOME RELEVANT POINTS YOURSELF ASWELL.4) how this can be combatted and solved. provide some examples of steps taken by government or businesses.5) Conclusion.This has to be 3000 words long. Please cite using Harvard style. DO NOT COPY FROM SLIDES ONLY USE THEM AS GUIDE.

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