6 page Report on applying the Bio-Psycho-Social Plus (BPS+) Approach to alcoholism in a Movie

Disclaimer: **THIS ASSIGNMENT REQUIRES YOU TO WATCH A 1 1/2 HOUR MOVIE** and is for those in the SOCIAL WORK field.

– I have attached a document that explains what the BPS+ model is, and I have also attached a YouTube link to the movie 28 Days.


  • Explore a film related to substance use and demonstrate your understanding of the BSP+ model (bio-psychosocial plus approach to addiction) through an analysis of that piece of media (in this case it’s the movie 28 Days)


  • Analyze the themes (Addiction as Suffering – Treatment, Change & Recovery, and The Cultural Construction of Addiction, alcohol) using the BPS plus model
    • how does the addiction theory help you understand alcoholism (drug culture)?
    • Does the depiction of addiction issues in the movie shed a new or different light on addiction issues?
    • Identify key issues related to addiction in the movie

DO NOT write a paper that just details neuro-physiological effects of drugs on the body and the brain. The focus needs to be primarily on social, societal, psychological, cultural and/or historical aspects of addiction as they appear in the movie.. Use the BPS+ model as your guide!


  • 1 page summary of the movie, about 3/4’s of a page explaining what the BPS + Model of addiction is, and the rest of the pages spent on critical analysis of the movie using the BPS + model
  • it is essential to reference in the body of the paper the sources you employ; also be sure to provide a bibliography or list of references at the end of the report.
    – 12- point font
  • you may use headings
  • You may use the first person
  • double spaced

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