Compare and contrast two video essays (I would attach later on) utilizing a

minimum of five course readings (I’d also attach them later)

to support your arguments in a 4-6 page paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to deepen your understanding of (1) how concepts of

language and culture have been used to explain school outcomes, (2) the ways people “make

meaning” of the institution of schooling, and (3) the ways in which the concepts of language and

culture complicate and support our understanding of teaching and learning practices. This

assignment is


a simple summary of the two videos, rather it requires you to analyze the

effectiveness of the videos in meeting their aims and in addressing important course concepts.

Using your notes from viewing the videos in class and from repeated viewings of the two

videos on our course YouTube channel along with your lecture notes, course articles,

and past assignments compare and contrast the videos and include the following:

1. Give a brief overview of each of the videos. Include what you think the video authors

intended to contribute to our understanding of how language, culture, and education are

portrayed in school and society


2. How effective were the videos in showing how different school and societal portrayals serve

to perpetuate and/or contest stereotypes or deficit views of culture and language? How might

you strengthen their work?

3. How did each video “make meaning” of the institution of schooling? (i.e. What might the

group say the

purpose of schooling

should be?)

4. How did each video inform your understanding of issues of equity and access in schools


5. How are these videos a reflection of what you learned in this course (or not)?

6. Include a References section. All citations should be in American Psychological Association

(APA) format. A tutorial and sample paper utilizing APA style can be found at:


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