Using the recent news releases regarding your corporation plus the common-sized financial statements and industry averages, present and support your hypothesis (e.g., prediction, expectation) for this corporation over the next four years. You can even include political (both United States and International) factors to consider plus supply versus demand issues not only for your corporation’s products and/or services but also the supply versus demand of resources (including skilled employees and managers) that could impact your hypothesis coming true. Based your past or current leadership experience and/or your potential future experience as a leader, how have or could a code of ethics be used in professional and/or personal decision making? If you have a mentor or coach, then ask this person about experience with codes of ethics. If you do not have a mentor or coach, then ask someone who you would like to be a mentor or coach in your life. Share the insights that you gain from this person relative to this required class discussion topic.

The initial posting is due no later than Wednesday with additional value-adding postings on a minimum of 3 other days as is required each week for each discussion thread.

3 paragraphs 

3 references

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