ACCTG 431 San Diego State Data Analytics ACL Project Paper

page1image2112Perform Data Analytics analysis using ACL to solve the following questions from your textbook:

  • 7-39 (Payroll), 8-41 (Inventory), 10-37 (Purchase), 12-36 (Purchase), 16-38 (Sales)1, See pages 5-7 of this guideline
  • Summarize your answer by using the template on page 2-4 in the upfront of your submission.
  • Step-by-step print screen is required.

Students are encouraged to self-study the ACL software by any of the following


The data files for ACL can be downloaded from:

it’s 2 things first Your print screens should in a separate file and order them by questions. In addition, in addition to the final screen, you need to attach 3-4 screens for the steps, also ask the answer sheet is for you to write your answers.

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