You must address at least two different questions below and add opinion! At least 600 words

  • Discuss the many influences on social change: environmental, political, and cultural factors. Summarize how each element can contribute to social change.
  • According to this chapter, we now live in a society where we are increasingly confronted by various types of manufactured risks. Briefly explain what these risks consist of. Do you think the last decade has brought us any closer to or farther away from confronting the challenges of manufactured risks? Explain.
  • Provide an evaluation of how well the four theories of social movements explain a particuluar social movement, for example, the Arab Spring uprisings. Which theory is most effective? Why?
  • Will the twenty-first century see new forms of political organization better suited to a world in which people, products, knowledge, religious beliefs, and social networking all cross borders with ever-greater ease?
  • What is a “postindustrial society”? What do see as its benefits? What do you think are its problems?
  • Why do social movements occur?
  • Contrary to Marx’s expectations, revolutions failed to occur in the advanced industrialized societies of the West. Why?
  • If Lenin had been killed, would there have been a revolution?
  • What distinguishes new social movements from their precursors?
  • Have you ever used a Facebook site, followed tweets, or used digital media to participate in or spread news about a political issue or event? What do you see as the pros and cons? What can digital media achieve that old 1960s-style protests could not?
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