Africa Studies Book review on Harriet Jacob and Frederick Douglass (free book)

Book Review

You are required to write one book review for this course on a topic that is

relevant to the course material. Below are the questions that you must

answer in your response. In addition to the primary sources, you may use

your textbook for pertinent information.

Papers are due Friday January 24th at 11:59PM

. Your papers should be


, double-spaced with 12-point font.

1) How does Jacobs’s narrative measure up to Douglass’s in terms of

literary quality and style?

2) How did Douglass use traditional notions of what it means to be an

American in order to build his character and show that slaves could

be “real” Americans?

3) Douglass makes two crucial transformations in this narrative: from a

man to a brute and from a brute to a man. How does he achieve these


4) Evaluate the effectiveness of Jacobs’s narrative for white female

readers, her primary audience. For example, how would they have

reacted to her decision to involve herself with a white unmarried

man? Is there any way Jacobs “redeemed herself” after this incident?

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