An Organization’s Story and Change Lessons week 2 mgmt

Change can be stressful, enlightening, dramatic, or transformational depending upon the circumstances. Locate a story about change in your professional field and include the following details about the change in your paper:Describe the change story and explain why it is memorable.Compare and contrast it with the change lessons outlined in the Managing Organizational ChangeDescribe whether the change lessons in the story are useful for facing future changes in which you might be involved. Explain how the lessons are transferable or not.The length and formatting requirements are as follows:Your paper must be 3 to 4 pages in length, excluding the cover and references pages.Include a cover page, section headers, an introduction, a conclusion, and a references page. Use the APA Template Paper as a resource.Format your paper according to theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA(Links to an external site.).Include a minimum of three sources to support your positions, claims, and observations, two of which should be academic, peer-reviewed sources, in addition to the textbook. The CSU-Global library is a great place to find these resources.Throughout this course, be sure to use theBusiness Management & Administration Research Guide(Links to an external site.)in the CSU-Global library. Here you can:Locate a variety of sources dealing with ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and business management.Gather information specific to different aspects of business ethics.Access writing and citing help.Review the Critical Thinking Assignment rubric in the Module 1 folder for details regarding grading standards.

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