Analyze the role of ideology in shaping both equality and inequality within the global markets.

In an 800-1200-word, double-spaced essay, analyze the role of ideology in shaping both equality and inequality within the global markets

This essay must contain an introduction with a thesis statement (your argument or position) followed by detailed historical evidence that substantiates your position. Vague generalizations and unsupported opinions should be avoided.

Use the lectures and include appropriate primary and secondary sources provided in the course to support and strengthen your argument.Avoid long and excessive quoting.It’s better to paraphrase in your own words.
No outside sources.

I would try to create a thesis that would allow me to analyze the causes and impact of ideology on equality and inequality on various groups. Since it really was not a part of the lectures, I probably wouldn’t attempt to discuss equality and religion. Still, I would try to work the Scientific Revolution into my answer. I would also think that a little evaluation in my thesis and throughout could not hurt.

I have attached all the lectures and primary sources I’m supposed to consult to when writing this essay. PLEASE read over all of them and start writing this essay.

THIS IS URGENT! Please write it on time!

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