Please read the instruction carefully because I need all the bullets answered correctly please this is base on the case I have attached and also the five steps of the multidisciplinary approach

The readings this week introduced you to a case study focusing on the AGEP program. This case represents how the multidisciplinary approach might look in action. Your work this week will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the five steps of the multidisciplinary approach and how each step might look in the context of a real-life case scenario.

In your initial post for this discussion, analyze the case scenario and how they applied the five steps of the multidisciplinary approach. In your post, include the following:

  • Create a table that shows each step of the multidisciplinary approach and then provide an example from the case that demonstrates the step.
  • Analyze how collaboration was used. Identify key times throughout the process it was used.
  • Analyze the process as demonstrated by the AGEP group. In your analysis identify the group’s strengths and weaknesses applying the multidisciplinary process. What was the impact of these strengths and weaknesses on the outcome?
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