Annotated Bibliography/Essay

The previous Study Pool tutor fail to complete what is needed. However, there are stuff that are needed to be fix. Basically I just need the essay to be revise because it doesn’t incorporate what is needed from the assignment and also the annotated bibliography were missing some part.

Here’s the requirement for the annotated bibliography.

An annotated bibliography provides the reader (Professor) with a list of the different citations (articles, books, dissertations or thesis), that will be used for their assignment, that is, the Final Term Paper. At the beginning of every citation entry (annotation), there should be some information provided which gives the author’s name, date, location of the publishing company, title of the source, etc. Each citation entry (annotation) should include one paragraph. As a guide to help students when they are writing out their citation entries, each paragraph should summarize the main points or arguments of the source being used. Next, students should evaluate the source they are using by comparing it with other citation entries. Last, students should discuss how each source fits into their research.

In addition, your topic and a thesis statement should also be included in the annotated bibliography as well. If anything, the thesis statement should definitely be stated at the beginning of the annotated bibliography to give me an idea of what will be covered in the Final Term Paper. Also, I expect students to be original and creative when they are developing their own thesis statement. Please don’t repeat what I said in the thesis statement. Again, students need to be creative in developing their own thesis statement. Students need to include at least 10 sources for this assignment: seven academic journal articles, two books, and one dissertation or one Master thesis.

Here’s the requirement for the essay.

Students are to select two readings that have been covered in the class, and choose a specific issue to analyze and explore within their’ essays. Some of the issues that have already been covered in the readings include racial discrimination, segregation, mass incarceration, voting rights, income inequality, poverty, sexism, access to equal education, unethical medical practices, lack of equal access to health care, White mob violence of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Black on Black violence, and the police shootings of countless African Americans. Students are to examine and analyze the similarities as well as the differences between two texts that they chose to write about. The writing assignment should consist of 1000–1500 words. Writing minimum requirement: 4–6 pages (double-spaced). The essay itself must consist of an introduction, 3 or more fully developed body paragraphs and a concl usion along with a separate works cited page. The assignment must be written in MLA format. Students need to include at least 10 sources for this assignment: seven academic journal articles, two books, and one dissertation or one Master thesis.


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