Your Annotated Bibliography will consist of fifteen (15) articles used during the semester. Twelve (12) of the articles must be peer reviewed and obtained from one of the numerous databases in the CSULB Library. We will attend a Library Orientation to support this effort.

Use MLA formatting to citing each source. Following each citation, your will summarize the articles using a minimum of five (5) sentences. There is an example of an annotated bibliography in the LDK handbook and on the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab).

Each peer reviewed article (12) you select for your bibliography must address a topic that you will possibly use for Essay #3: The Researched Argumentative Essay, and a minimum of four (4) of these sources must be cited in Essay #3.

The remaining three (3) articles may be chosen from articles that we have (will) read for class. You may use your CBEQs and ATOs to support this effort.

This assignment must be formatted using MLA and is due on the final class meeting along with Essay 3.

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