Answer all of the questions in ONE response (with different numbered parts) and then be sure to click “submit”. Be sure your answer is complete before you click “submit”; because this is acting as a quiz, you can only submit ONE time.

“My Father’s Noose” by Talusan

1] If you were assigned to be a defense attorney for the mother in this story, how might you explain her behavior? What factors (gathered from the story) might explain how she became the woman her son later hated?

2] Look up Tondo (a neighborhood in Manila, in the Philippines). What images and facts can you find? (Share some of the facts here). How do these findings help explain the story – or do they?

“The Fourth State of Matter” by Beard

3] What losses does the narrator experience during the course of this story? Be detailed and specific.

4] What do you think is the “take away” of this story – why did Beard write it, and what message is she trying to convey to us, the readers? Tell why you think you are correct (use evidence from the story).

“The Scarlet Ibis” by Hurst

5] What is your opinion of the narrator at the end of the story? Can you understand his actions towards Doodle at the end – or do you blame him and think him a terrible person? Explain your answer in detail and tell why you think what you do.

“Dumpster Diving” by Eighner

6] a) Describe the person speaking in this essay (based on what he reveals – not on research). What kind of voice is speaking to us? b) Why does he say he feels sorry for us (non-homeless people) at the end of his essay – and do you agree (and why or why not)?


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