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I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

Please answer the questions for each chapter.

CH9 questions 5,6. see CH9 notes for help.
CH10 questions 2,3. see CH10 notes for help.
CH11 questions 1,8,9. see CH11 notes for help.
CH12 questions 5,8. see CH12 notes for help.

please write 4 discussions at least 100 words about the following:

1- Currently in Montana the tax on a gallon of gasoline is about $0.45 (($0.18 federal tax and $0.27 state tax). Some argue that this is a regressive tax. Use you understanding of economics to explain why some think this is a regressive tax.

2- Would growth in GDP always be desirable for a country?

3- Economists generally believe that full employment includes 4 to 6 percent unemployment. Would 0 percent unemployment be a better goal and a better definition of full employment?

4- Assume the U.S. economy is currently in a recession. Explain in detail just how an economist from the classical school would recommend getting back to full employment. How would an economist from the Keynesian school recommend the U.S. economy get back to full employment?

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