Read the chapters and answer the following questions below I will upload the chapters.

Ch. 1

What is the definition of ecology? what are the major environmental problems our world faces today? What measures were taken by various governments to resolve these problems? What is environmental justice?

What do you personally do to respect the environment?

Ch. 2

Do you agree or disagree with Maslow’s theory?

What is the difference between hunting-gathering societies and our modern societies in terms of consumption, possession and our relationship to the environment?

What is, according to Thorstein Veblen, modern materialism? What are, according to him, some forms of environmental power?

Ch. 3

Why does the book consider ‘economic growth’ not just as an economic barometer, but also and foremost as a ‘cultural value’?

How is it that economic growth can in fact exacerbate economic inequality?

What is the definition of the treadmill of production?

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