Question 1 (10 points)

Discuss six types of characteristics that increase the likelihood parents will physically abuse their children. Why are these characteristics linked to physical abuse?

Question 2 (10 points)

What are five of the seven types of psychological maltreatment? What is the underlying childrearing problem across all the types?

Question 3 (10 points)

Discuss the types of problems that foster parents experience when they care for a previously maltreated child. Give at least two examples of how the particular type of maltreatment the child experienced affects the difficulties the foster parent may face?

Question 4 (10 points)

Some people believe the American family is in decline, as reflected by changes in the family structure. Do you agree? Support your response

Question 5 (10 points)

What are arguments in favor of holding parents accountable for their adolescents’ misconduct? What are arguments against it? Do you agree?

Question 6 (10 points)

Should physical punishment be banned in the schools and in the home? Support your answer.

Question 7 (10 points)

Describe and discuss Community Learning Centers. What are their functions? Why are they a good idea?

Question 8 (10 points)

Discuss the five major family problems that result in high costs to our society. Give two examples of how a preventive or intervention policies could help to solve these problems.

Question 9 (10 points)

Describe two competing views of society’s role in a family life

Question 10 (10 points)

Identify and discuss the three controversial social policy ideas described in the text. Which of those do you think is most promising for improving the lives of children and parents? Why?

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