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Question:Taking a look at the histories we have learned and the article you have read, does gentrification follow similar patterns of conquest and displacement as the colonial period and manifest destiny? How does gentrification impact class and race, and does that bare similarities to the previous periods of we have historically covered?


Option 2: Gentrification

Historically, we started our semester by looking at the early British colonial need for the exploitation of Africans as enslaved labor to advance their economic opportunity, and how this laid the foundation for thecreation of the American understanding of race (binary race relations). Though we did not talk about it, the colonial period featured the displacement of Native tribes alongside the force use of African labor. Wethen moved on and learned about the Market Revolution and the emergence of the Anglo-Saxon complex, which shaped the idea of manifest destiny. Similar to the process of colonization, manifest destiny led to the conquest of Mexican territory and the displacement of Mexican-Americans. The ensuing gold rush, corporate farming, and the industrial boom led to massive increase in wealth in the hands of the recent anglo and European arrivals to the west. Thus, in each of these two moments—the colonial period and westward movement in the era of manifest destiny—we have saw displacement tied directly to economic prosperity of a specific race in this country. In other words, class and race in this country are the driving forces in the power and wealth disparity between the dominant and subordinate groups.

Today, we see the issue of gentrification in many of the major cities in the United States (definition of gentrification from Merriam-Webster: “the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents”), San Francisco being one of the major cites for tech-led gentrification. One of the major debates regarding gentrification is whether it is a form of modern day colonialism.

Please read the following articles and answer the following question:

Article: “Gentrification: The New Colnialism in the Modern Era :

please see the document that i upload called journal ( i need to refer to this document)

I also provide an example of a current event analysis but it need to be 2 pages.

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