1. How do the views of Parmenides and Heraclitus contrast with respect to the
way they characterize being?

2. Pythagoras, like Plato, has a ?two-world? view. Explain what this means, and
describe some Pythagorean doctrines and practices in terms of it.

3. Characterize Presocratic philosophy. How do the concerns of the Presocrates
differ from those of Plato?

4. Explain how some of Plato?s views on metaphysics and epistemology
contextualize what he says about virtue in the Phaedo.

5. Discuss Plato?s theory of forms. What are some of the central features that
characterize the theory? How does it provide an explanation of knowledge and

6. According to the Phaedo, why is the soul immortal?

7. Simmias suggests that the soul is to the body as the harmony is to the lyre,
but Socrates says otherwise. What does Socrates say?

8. What evidence do we have for characterizing the Phaedo as a Pythagorean
dialogue? What does this characterization reveal about the text, that is, what
is at stake in identifying it as Pythagorean?

9. Explain Plato?s cave allegory in terms of his form theory and the divided

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