Answer the 3 question Veterans Service Representative (VSR) position.

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1. Tell us what you currently know about the Veterans Benefit Administration to include the Veterans Service Representative (VSR) position.

2. From what you stated in question 1, explain why you would be successful as a Veterans Service Representative (VSR) and describe any challenges you feel you would face in performing the job.

3. Please list 5 different core values you possess with a brief explanation of each on how they pertain to the Veterans we serve.

Provide your response in a Word document using 12 point Arial font. Be sure to include your name on the exercise.


At the GS-07 level, the incumbent performs in a trainee capacity, work assignments will be under close technical supervision and review. The full performance GS-10 Veterans Service Representative (VSR) explains benefit programs and entitlement criteria, conducts interviews, identifies issues, gathers relevant evidence, adjudicates disability claims, and inputs data necessary to generate the disability award and notification letter to the veteran describing the decision and the reason for it. VSR duties include but are not limited to:

  • Serves as a primary contact for veterans, their beneficiaries, and their representatives and is the decision-maker for compensation or pension claims. Explains the full range of VA benefits and all related programs.
  • Makes determinations as to eligibility for the type of benefit sought and analyzes, develops, and requests required evidence for certain claims requiring a rating decision.
  • Decides the necessity for and type of examination, reexamination or opinions to determine the existence of or to evaluate disabilities resulting from diseases or injuries.
  • Develops comprehensive requests for these examination/opinions to ensure appropriate evidence is received from which to adjudicate the claim.
  • Prepares correspondence to members of Congress and special interest groups on case assignments and other “controlled” correspondence.
  • Reviews all correspondence to private attorneys; acknowledges and revokes designations for private attorneys.
  • Utilizes various Electronic Data Processing (EDP) systems for inputting data related to claims adjudication, processing, monitoring, and correspondence preparation.
  • Acts as an advocate for veterans and their beneficiaries in their dealings with other VA elements and organizations that effect their claims.
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