Read and follow the direction given below I will upload Psychosocial Theoretical Perspectives on Social Gerontology pages.

Chapter 16 : Assignment #2

Please note that this is not a scientific exercise.

This exercise is designed to help us appreciate some of the factors that may impact our aging and give us insight into what we can do today to promote successful aging. In addition, it will allow us to evaluate the relevancy of aging theories to our personal situations.

To begin this assignment:

After completing this first stage of the assignment, answer the following questions:

a). What was your calculated age?

b). Name 2 factors that could have determined your calculated age.

These factors could be personal, medical, nutritional, or related to your lifestyle and family history or situation.

  1. Given the factors that you think may have influenced your estimated life expectancy either positively or negatively, show how any one of these factors is supported or not supported by any one of the Psychosocial Theoretical Perspectives on Social Gerontology aging theories. Provide examples.
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