Please help me answer these questions. I have attached the pages form the book. Image 17-1 would be the one I choose.


Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignments are considered minimum requirements. No partial credit given. Read and follow instructions exactly and carefully. Two (2) points for following all instructions.

Read pages 39-43 in Chapter 2, A World of Art, 8th edition

1) define the term iconography. Use your own words.

2) then, pick one the images in Chapter 17, The Age of Faith, pages 418-443 and briefly describe the culture and iconography in the art piece. Hint: the text describing the artwork will help you with this.

State the page number and the title of the artwork you have chosen.

3) What is the date and culture of the above image from Chapter 17?

4) do you think different cultures have different iconography? Why?

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