answering paper#2

1. Why does the term liberal mean something very different in the European political context as compared to the American political context?

2. Many European countries have post material parties represented in their legislatures. Why are there no post material parties in the American Congress?

3. What is the advantage of perceiving the political space in a multidimensional fashion as opposed to the traditional left-right spectrum?

2pages,single-spaced narrow margins for all four sides, and times new roman style with 12 font size.

read the chapter then answer the questions as required two pages single spaced.

1. On MS-Word menu bar, click Home – Times New Roman – 12 font; Layout – Margins – Narrow and adjust Indent zero for all (Left, Right, Before, and After); and Paragraph – Alignment Left – Line Spacing zero.

2. Please edit your answering paper again if it’s longer than two pages. I wanted you answer to all three questions smartly within two pages.

3. Then, print out it on Both Sides of paper.

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