ANT 2211 Midterm (NEED TODAY ASAP)

Answer FIVE of the questions in paragraph form using complete sentences (250 words min). Itis not necessary to cite sources unless you use outside references not assigned in this course,though it is highly recommended you provide examples from the course texts or lectures.If you use a specific article from the Guest text, you need only list the author’s name (“Bessire’sarticle,” “the de Leon article”). Please submit assignments to Canvas in .docx (Word) format.1. Explain Alfred Kroeber’s statement: “Anthropology is the most humanistic science and themost scientific humanity.” Why do some anthropologists reject anthropology as a science?2. Describe anthropology’s definition of culture. What is culture? What is culture not? Whymust culture theorists be careful about the hazards of binary thinking?3. What is holism? How is anthropology holistic? Why is anthropology holistic? Be sure toname key terms and figures.4. Describe the rise of American Anthropology. Specifically, who were cultural evolutionists andhow did they contribute to the formation of the discipline? Name key figures/terms.5. Describe the ethnographic method in anthropology and explain how it developed and who isgiven credit for establishing these techniques?11. EXTRA CREDIT (+5 points to final grade): Describe the relevance of the anthropologicaltheme of local and global. Why is it important to consider their interactive impact on humanculture? How do global forces shape local communities? How do cultural practices of localcommunities reciprocally influence culture at the global level? Excellent responses will useethnographic examples to reinforce their argument. Does not count as a required response.

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