Apply research



In this discussion, you will present your topics, thesis, and research for your final paper. Provide the following:

  • Your topic.
  • Your working thesis statement.
  • A summary of a minimum of two articles about your research. (Provide in-text citations for your sources in the body of your post and the full references at the end).

After presenting your topics and research, ask for feedback from your peers. Pose 2–3 questions about your work for which you would like input. The questions may be related to the content of the work, academic writing, APA style, et cetera.


Using the template, complete the following:

  • Identify a clear topic and thesis for applied research in psychology. Your thesis statement should give your audience a clear one- or two-sentence “bottom line” understanding of what you want to say about your topic.
  • Summarize three sources of information for an applied research in psychology topic. In two or more paragraphs, describe what you are learning from your source about the topic. The paragraphs should be in your own words and not direct quotes from your source. You may use your own paraphrasing and summarizing in your final paper and must include in-text citations for your sources.



Applied Research in Psychology Template

Learner Name:



Summary of first source:

APA reference for first source:

Summary of second source:

APA reference for second source:

Summary of third source:

APA reference for third source:

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