Your task is to select one (1) of the following scholarly articles. Read it carefully and then write a report in which you specifically address what the thesis/point of the article is, the kinds of evidence the author(s) presents, and how the author(s) employs the evidence to argue for his or her point. Based on the evidence & arguments presented, do you think that your author made a convincing case? Are there any obvious weaknesses in the evidence presented or the arguments? After reading the article, what additional questions do you have concerning the author’s position?

The purpose of this exercise is to gain practice in reading and understanding the kinds of evidence and argument employed by archaeological professionals. The articles are fairly short by disciplinary standards (18-30 pages, typically) and not hyper-technical. It is NOT expected that you will understand all of the references or nuances of the articles. The basic points are quite accessible, however, even to non-specialists.

The articles are available on the Blackboard site for this course. Go to the “Content” section, and look in the folder “PDF Articles for Assignment 2.” They are stored in .pdf format, so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which is installed on most computers these days or built into browsers; it is available from for free. Some of these cannot be printed out in hard copy form for publishing reasons, but they may easily be read on-line, and you may copy the files to your computers.

This should be a report in the range of around 1000-1200 words, typed & double-spaced.Upload a copy of your report to both and

You may NOT use direct quotes from the articles in this assignment. Express the author’s ideas as you understand them in your own words. Because of that, and because you are responding to a specific article, it is not necessary to use internal documentation to indicate your source. You should make clear in the first paragraph, however, to which article you are responding.

Scheidel, W. “The Greek Demographic Expansion: Models and Comparisons”

Attached is the selected article.

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