Topics/Moral Issues:

1. Net neutrality

2. Online gambling

3. Lack of consequences for those who created the “economic downturn”

4. “Dumping” of U.S. products that do not pass FDA or other U.S. agencies (baby formula, PJ’s, birth control, etc.)

5. Whether human organs and/or blood should be commodified.

Purpose: so students can demonstrate their ability to research scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and use them well in a paper.

1. This paper is another argument paper.

2. Choose from the list below, which topic/moral issue you will research.

3. Perform scholarly research; read the research and decide where you stand. What is your position/argument?

4. Follow the argument formula as you did before.

5. Your research is used in your Premises; and one in your opposing view.

Therefore, you need:

3 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles: 2 for your premises; and one that opposes the other 2

The essay must follow these guidelines:

a. Introduction: clear argement sentence(conclusion)

b. Premise 1: One good reason for their argument.

c.Premise 2: Same as P1

d. Moral support for the argument: This should be clearly stated moral theory.(Kant’s, Rawls, Utilitarium, Aristotle, Confucian)

e. Opposing argument: A solid opposing argument argument should be considered

f: Refutation

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