Article Critique

Students will select2 peer reviewed articles from social work journalsrelated to social work practice with organizations /communities and the student learning outcomes described in this syllabus.  The reviewMUSTbe written using APA format (direct quotes and/or a summarization of direct quotes must be cited in APA format).  The review should not be a string of summarizations and/or direct quotes from the article, but it should also include the student’s analysis of the content read.  The 2 article reviews should run consecutively (one after the other with ONE cover page in APA format).  Please note that the articles selected shouldnot beolder than 10 years old(please do not use anything published before 2009.  Addionally, please do not recycle article reviews that you have used for previous classes.Eacharticle review should be a minimum of 500 words double spaced (12 Times New Roman font) in APA format (this does not include the cover page).  Please review “General Rules for Assignments” discussed in this syllabus.Students will complete each article review by completing the steps as follows (Please use each step as headings in your review):1. Provide the title of the article (using APA format) as your heading.2. Discuss what the article is about (what are the main points of the article?)3. Discuss how your chosen article relates to working with communities and organizations.4. Discuss the various student learning outcomes that this article addresses i.e. engaging with communities, understanding the history of community work in social work, ethical issues of macro social work etc.5. Discuss your thoughts/personal opinions regarding the articles selected.

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